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"Adams' work was efficient. He did not expend an enormous amount of time on retakes or reverse angles but insisted on constant momentum, both in the foreground and in the back of the frame."

Notoriously hard-to-please film critic Richard von Busack has been very generous to all of my feature films, publishing reviews and interviews in conjunction with each premiere. Eventually he put me on the cover of Metro, making me the poster boy of lo-fi filmmaking.

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"When they write a history of Twitter, hopefully a footnote will be spared for Alejandro Adams, the first meaningful filmmaker to make himself known that way."

Oldie but goodie. Two installments.


I currently teach film and video production at San Jose State University. I asked my students to condense a famous sequence in PSYCHO, sans music or dialogue, from 10 minutes to 5 minutes. Here's an impressive submission—Bates removes Marion's body much later in this version.

Take a look at the original 10-minute scene for reference or download it and pit your skills against the Master of Suspense.


"We may also be observing a small change in the way talented, independent artists get their work out into the world. What has happened with CANARY, which is only partly the result of the film festival circuit, is worth ten thousand Hulus." Dave McDougall, Craig Keller, Michael Sicinski and Ignatiy Vishnevetsky analyze everything about my second feature, from its meaning to its stylistic approach to my unconventional publicity campaign.

Things people have said about my films.

  • Phillip Lopate
    N.Y. Times

    Poignant and engrossing. A very fine film which stays with me.

  • Dennis Harvey

    An arresting talent. Very different, period. Fascinating to the point of repeat viewings.

  • Jim Ridley
    Village Voice

    Micro in budget, macro in ambition, accomplishment, and scope. Prompts multiple viewings, and deserves them.

  • Karina Longworth
    L.A. Weekly

    A must see. Wildly ambitious and overwhelming. A fresh-feeling sense of dystopian dread.

  • Mike D'Angelo
    A.V. Club

    So much more ambitious and intelligent and accomplished than the films that come out of Sundance every year.

  • Richard von Busack

    Adams is no longer a local genius but a national contender.

  • Ray Greene

    Babnik marks Adams as a fresh directing talent. It’s a rousing success.

  • Lauren Baggett
    Screen Anarchy

    It's a sucker punch of a film, and its creator is a master in the making.

  • Fernando Croce

    An adventurous filmmaker continuing to push forward. His use of actors, light, editing rhythms, and sound design are all calibrated to the emotions on the screen, and often to the extent of becoming nearly hallucinatory.

  • Charlie Olsky

    A true find. Beautifully realized. Every single moment of the story rings true, aided by uniformly excellent performances.

It should be lengthy enough to seem substantial—yet concise enough to feel breezy. It should be serious—but with a slight wink. It should lay out a new course of action—but one that can change direction at any moment. If you must mention facts and figures, don't do so directly.